Union Chapel Cemetery
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8306 Union Chapel Road, Indianapolis, IN 46240

Fee Schedule
Effective October 4, 2021

All fees are subject to change without notice.

  • Adult grave space (standard) - $1,250.00
  • Adult grave space (premium) - $1,750.00
  • - these are designated grave spaces near walkways, trees, Garden Areas, etc.

  • Infant grave space - $250.00
  • Opening and closing of adult grave - $1250.00*
  • Opening and closing of infant grave - $500.00*
  • Opening and closing for cremation burial - $750.00*
  • - A Second Burial Right of $500 will be charged for a cremation burial in an existing grave
    - Additional facility charge of $250 for Saturday services
    * A late arrival burial surcharge of $200 applies after 4PM, Monday through Friday, and after 3PM on Saturday
    - For late arrivals for infant and cremation burials, the surcharge is $100

  • Cremains scattering in the Scattering Garden - $750.00
  • - including the engraving of the name and date on the Scattering Garden Memorial Monument

  • Cremains Niches in the Tranquility Columbaria Pavilion - $2750.00
  • - including opening and closing costs and polished granite faceplate engraving of name and date

Monuments and burial vaults are available through the Cemetery office. Stop by or call if we can assist you with information.

Financing for the purchase of burial sites is available at 0% for up to 36 months.

Funeral planning is also available through the Cemetery. You are invited to contact the office for information.
Income from any purchases that you make through the Cemetery, such as gravesites, monuments and burial vaults, assists the Cemetery in its goal to keep the cemetery beautiful, well-groomed, and financially secure for many decades to come.

You are invited to make a gift to the Union Chapel Cemetery Association. Since the Cemetery is a not-for-profit 501(c)(13) organization, these gifts qualify as a charitable contribution for income tax purposes.

All fees are subject to change without notice.