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8306 Union Chapel Road, Indianapolis, IN 46240

Union Chapel Cemetery Burial/Niche location search

To determine the location of a person's burial or cremains niche in Union Chapel Cemetery, enter any number of letters from the first or last name, (such as “Wil” for William Johnson), of the deceased in the Search Name Box below and press "ENTER". The Name, Section, Lot number and Grave/Niche number information for that person will then appear on your screen.

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If you wish to determine where that gravesite is located in the Cemetery, visit the Section Maps page of the Union Chapel website by clicking here. You will then see an aerial view of the Cemetery with all of the sections marked. Click on the Section that corresponds with the gravesite section listed in your search result and you will then see a map of that section with the location of all of the lots marked.

The dates shown in the search results were taken from records dating back to 1823. During those years, it appears that some of the recorded dates were "Date of Death" and others were "Burial Date" and there is no present way to know which date is shown in a given record. The dates on this site are provided for general information only and are not certifiable for use in legal transactions.
DATA: While every attempt has been made to ensure the accuracy of the data on this site, the search results may include some inaccurate data due to Record Book or UCC database input errors of omission and/or commission , typographical errors, etc. The data on this site are provided for general information purposes only.