Union Chapel Cemetery
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8306 Union Chapel Road, Indianapolis, IN 46240


Union Chapel Cemetery is located in a beautiful and tranquil setting in a wooded area on the upper bank of White River. Lot owners, family relatives, neighbors and many others visit the Cemetery on a regular basis. They visit family gravesites; they attend burial services; and they enjoy walking through the Cemetery for relaxation and exercise. Some even park their cars on the river bank drive and eat their lunch while enjoying the view. All of these activities are encouraged by the Cemetery Board.

Recently, more persons are walking their dogs through the Cemetery and, if these dogs are on a leash, are well controlled, and the owners immediately clean up any defecation from their dog, this does not tend to cause any problems.

However, if the dogs are allowed to run freely through the Cemetery and/or the owners do not clean up after their dogs, this can quickly become a problem. For example, the Board has received complaints from lot owners and family members who reported that they had been afraid to get out of their cars because of the free running dogs and complaints from persons who had stepped in dog excrement while attending burial services. Obviously, this cannot be tolerated. In some cases, free running dogs have been observed digging large holes in the grass that the Cemetery works so diligently to maintain.

As a result, the Cemetery Board is placing signs at the entrances to the Cemetery that requires all dogs to be on leashes and requires that owners immediately pick up any defecation from their dogs.

These rules will be enforced at all times.

This action has been initiated to ensure that everyone can continue to enjoy the beauty and tranquility that Union Chapel Cemetery has provided since 1823.